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  Vishay Current Capacitors, Low Voltage Power Factor Controllers, Power Electronic Capacitors, Snubber, Mumbai, India

Vishay Current Capacitors


VISHAY ESTA Heavy Current Capacitors

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Static Power Capacitors for indicative heating plant compensation

EN 60110 / 1 AND 2
IEC 60110 / 1

Main Frequency : 230 to 3,000 V upto 800 kvar per unit
Medium frequency : 250 to 3,000 V, 150 to 100,000 Hz, up to 9,600 kvar per unit

Compact construction
Each product designed to customer specifications
Can operate in extreme environmental conditions.
Easy to integrate into overall system concepts

Types of cooling
Natural cooling via air circulation
Forced - air fan cooling
Water cooling

Capacitors For Discharge Lamps VISHAY ESTA Capacitors For Discharge Lamps
Economical Lighting

Capacitors For Discharge Lamps


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Discharge lamp capacitors used in parallel or series circuits for
reactive power consumption

EN 61048
EN 61049

2 to 60 µF, 250 VAC
2 to 60 µF, 250 VAC

With or without FPU design
Long operating life
Wide Temperature range (from - 40)°C to +100  °C)
Approved by ENEC

Low Voltage Power Factor Controllers VISHAY ESTA Low Voltage Power Factor Controllers
Easy control of heavy currents

Low Voltage Power Factor Controllers

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Manual and automatic control of central power factor correction equipment in low voltage plants

EN 50178
EN 61010 - 1
EN 50081-2
EN 61000-6-2
CE Certification

6 or 12 step versions
Operating Voltage : 230 or 120 V; 50 or 60 Hz
Maximum measuring voltage range : 58 to 690 V, Step less

Easy mounting with flat metal springs
Large 4 digit LED display
Constant display of actual power factor and energised steps
User friendly setting of parameters via push buttons on the front plate
Possible locking of keyboard to prevent unauthorised operation
Improved measurement by conducting measuring current and voltage across fundamental frequency filters
No need to differentiate between X/1 A or X/5 A current transformer
Trouble free 4 quadrant operation
Optimised switching performance
Alarm relay
Anti-interference bridging of relay contacts
EMC - certified by independent laboratory

VISHAY ESTA Power Electronic Capacitors, AC & DC Voltage Damping, Snubber, Clamping Commutation, DC Filter, Energy Storage and Impulse Discharge
Custom Designs for all applications

Power Electronic Capacitors AC and DC Voltage Damping, Snubber, Clamping Commutation, DC - Filter, Energy Storage and Impulse Discharge

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Static converters for :
Heavy haul locomotives
Light local trains
Trolley buses
Trams / streetcars
Industrial Converters
DC Supply Equipment
High-voltage testing systems
Impulse discharge energy

IEC 61071
IEC 61881
Customer Specifications

AC upto 24 kV per unit
DC upto 125 kV and 15 kJ per unit
Rectangular and tubular designs for casings

All appropriate capacitor technologies available to ensure optimum suitability to specific applications. Highest flexibility in mechanical designs including designs for low quantities

VISHAY ESTA Low Voltage Power Capacitors And Plants with power factor controllers
Efficiency for new energy concepts

VISHAY ESTA Low Voltage Power Capacitors And Plants with power factor controllers

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Individual and group fixed compensation
Controlled central compensation
Filter circuits for mains systems with harmonics

VDE 0560 / 46 AND 47
EN 60831 / 1 and 2
IEC 60831 / 1 and 2

VDE 0660 / 500
IEC 60439/1


230 to 1000 V, 50/60 Hz
2.5 to 56.2 kvar in cylindrical / triangular  aluminium casing up to 500 kvar in welded rectangular steel casing

Systems :
Available in various steps from 12.5 to 900 kvar (and even higher upon request)


Low loss,  self healing technology
Compact design for excellent heat dissipation
Biodegradable, vegetable base, non PCB, non toxic filling agent in the oil-impregnated version
Dry Version upon request
Burst proof as confirmed by independent international inspection centers such as UL / ULc
Highest overcurrent and inrush current capabilities
Life expectancy of > 150,000 operating hours with highly consistent capacitance values
Custom designs available

VISHAY ESTA High Voltage Capacitors
Proven solutions for major projects

VISHAY ESTA High Voltage Capacitors

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Shunt capacitors
Harmonic filters
Series capacitors
Capacitors for SVC (Static Var Compensator)
Capacitors for HVDC transmission
Surge suppressors and RC circuits

VDE 0560 / 4
IEC 60871
IEC 60143
Other standards upon request

Individual capacitors from 660 V upto 24 kV upto 800 kvar
Capacitor banks upto 500 kV, any output

Voltage and output rating can be matched precisely to customer specifications
Element fuses high operating reliability
Flexible plant design with specially designed racks
Vishay ESTA unbalance protection

ESTAdry® ACMKP Low Voltage Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Low Voltage Power Factor Correction Capacitors

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Key Benefits
Compact designs with high outputs up to 30 kvar
Vary low losses <0.25 W per kvar
Optimised diameter and height for excellent heat dissipation
Stacked assembled winding elements reduce the risk of device breakdown
Highest over current capability up to 3 times rated current
Highest in rush current capability of 300 times rated current
Life expectancy of > 130,000 operating hours


Recommended for power factor correction in low voltage applications <1000 V


Vishay Current Capacitors, Low Voltage Power Factor Controllers, Power Electronic Capacitors, Snubber, Mumbai, India
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